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It’s no secret that the construction industry is dealing with a skilled labor shortage as many skilled craftspeople have dropped out of the industry and don’t plan to return. Additionally, an entire generation of younger workers are no longer even considering construction as a viable career option as parents are increasingly steering graduates to four-year colleges and white-collar careers. Now, as older workers are retiring, there simply isn’t anyone ready to take their spots. On average, Robinson Construction employs more than 300 skilled craftspeople who complete projects all over the United States. In this article by Mike Holmes Jr., he discusses how “the trades are a great, stable career” and how without the skilled trades, we wouldn’t have the rest of the careers we value so highly. #rccoemployees #EndSkilledTradesStigma #skilledtrades #construction

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Community Counseling Center has chosen Frank Robinson to receive Community Counseling Center Citizen of the Year 2020 Award.

Robinson is the CEO of Robinson Construction Company and has been with the company for 50 years and successfully led the company as president for more than 40 years. CCC director of Public relations and special projects Sharon Braun praised Robinson’s contributions to the community in earning this most recent recognition.

“Frank is a pillar in the community, utilizing his knowledge, resources, and leadership skills to help foster growth in the communities in which his team members live and work,” Braun said.

In addition to the many civic organizations Frank supports on a regular basis, he is a founding member of the Perry County Community Foundation and has been an active and continuous member of the Board since its inception in 2013. Frank was also instrumental in bringing the Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial project to life and currently serves as an advisory director on the Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial Board.

“For years and yet today, Frank continues his passion for helping others and making a difference for positive change in Perryville,” Braun said. “He does so not only through his words but through continual involvement, action and support for the community in which he resides and loves. Frank is very proud to be a part of Perryville’s growth and achievements. He knows that when a job needs to be done or there is a need to be filled, the community comes together and makes it happen. Oftentimes, Frank is right there with them.”

Community Counseling Center recognized Robinson as Citizen of the Year for all of his contributions throughout in helping others, and Perryville that he truly loves.

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The overall theme of this year’s #constructionsafetyweek is Be Present. Be Focused. Be safe. Today, we give thanks to our team members for their efforts to be present, focused, and safe not only for themselves but also for their coworkers and their family and friends at home. Our workers are the essential ingredient to the success of our industry and your efforts to work safe are reducing risks and accidents on our projects. THANK YOU for participating in Safety Week and for your hard work all year! #rccosafety #constructionsafety #bepresentbefocusedbesafe #thankyou

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Today’s #ConstructionSafetyWeek topic is Be Safe, Be Well Rested. The construction industry often comes with early hours, long commutes and nightshift work. This can interrupt your body’s natural sleep/wake cycle and can have major consequences on your physical and mental health. Some simple things you can do to improve your quality of sleep, overall well-being, and safety on the jobsite include:

🏋🏼 Exercise – the more energy you expel during the day, the easier it is for your body to enter a restful sleep

🍎 Food & Beverage – avoid heavy meals before bedtime and caffeinated drinks within 6 hours of bedtime

😴 Sleep Routine – stay consistent with your bedtime and waketime, even on the weekends

🥱 Sleep Quantity – aim for 7+ hours of sleep per night

🛏 Sleep Environment – your sleep area should be dark, free of distraction and noise, and keep it cool – around 68 degrees #rccosafety #constructionsafety #besafebewellrested

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Today’s safety topic is Be Relentless. To prevent injuries we must be relentless in paying attention to risk and monitoring what is happening around us at all times. Our safety coin and the messages engraved on the coin are daily reminders to Be Relentless every day by choosing to work safe for yourself, your coworkers, and the people that love you. Injuries happen in a flash, so we can never take safety for granted. #rccosafety #constructionsafetyweek #constructionsafety #berelentless

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Today’s #ConstructionSafetyWeek topic is Healthy Mind, Healthy Body. Being safe means paying attention to both mind and body. Our people are our most valuable asset and we must take an active role in our physical and mental health. Exercise/stretching, meditation, adequate sleep, and a healthy diet can have a tremendous impact over time on your well-being. If we all strive for a healthier mind and body, we can shape a healthier future for the construction industry. #rccosafety #healthymindhealthybody

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Today kicks off #ConstructionSafetyWeek. At Robinson we are committed to safety and ZERO INCIDENTS on ALL jobsites. We are kicking off today with each team member signing a jobsite safety commitment pledge banner that will be displayed on the jobsite. The banner reads just as their safety coins that they carry in their pockets as a reminder to work safe:

-Stop Unsafe Acts
-Do The Right Thing Every Time
-Zero Is Possible
-Zero Is Not Our Goal, It’s Our Expectation

Today’s daily topic is Be Present, Be Focused. This is the exact thing our employees are pledging to do. #rccosafety #constructionsafety #bepresentbefocused

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Robinson Construction Company of Perryville was ranked on Associated Builders and Contractors’ 2021 Top Performers list, which recognizes ABC member contractors in safety, quality, diversity, project excellence and special designations, ranked by work hours. Robinson was ranked No. 60 on the Top 200 Performers list and No. 30 on the Top 100 General Contractors list – moving up several spots from their 2020 rankings.

Published as a supplement to Construction Executive magazine, the ABC Top Performers lists identify the Top 200 Performers, Top Trade Contractors, Top Electrical Contractors, Top Plumbing/HVAC Contractors, Top Specialty Contractors and Top 100 General Contractors and Top General Contractors Up to $50 million, all of which have earned the elite Accredited Quality Contractor credential, as well as the Top Performers with Special Designations.

To be eligible, Robinson Construction demonstrated world-class safety performance by achieving Gold status or higher in ABC’s STEP Safety Management System, which makes the top-performing contractors up to 655% safer than the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics industry average, according to the ABC 2021 Safety Performance Report. The Top Performers were ranked by size based on the number of hours worked in 2019, as reported in their 2020 STEP applications. ABC members that earn the AQC credential certify their commitment to quality, safety, craft and management education, talent management, inclusion, diversity and equity and community relations.

“The common priorities in our third annual list of ABC Top Performers include culture, safety, innovation, workforce development and driving market value,” said Michael Bellaman, president and chief executive officer of ABC. “Collaboration and adaptation created a safer, more productive jobsite and workplace for Robinson Construction, and I applaud these industry leaders for setting the standard in developing people, winning work and delivering that work safely, ethically and profitably.”

Robinson has a long history of being recognized by ABC through awards programs and special designations including:

• 2003-present: STEP Gold / Silver

• 2019-present: Accredited Quality Contractor (AQC)

• 2020: No. 69 Top 200 Performers; No. 35 Top 120 General Contractors

• 2019: No. 12 Top 20 Performers in the Midwest

• 2019: National Excellence in Construction Eagle Award - Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial Project

• 2016: General Contractor Chapter Safety Award

• 2006: Excellence in Construction Merit Award – Wolf River Interceptor Relief Sewer Projects

• 2005: National Safety Excellence Award Semifinalist Access the 2021 Top Performers list at

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What do you do when you can’t reach your target location with a crane? Easy, call in a helicopter! With the help of our subcontractors, Erickson Incorporated and S.M. Lawrence Company , we recently replaced 5 - 15,000 pound HVAC units on a project at the Frito-Lay plant in Jonesboro, Arkansas. We had a 48-hour window to set the units and get them running for Frito-Lay, so they could maintain production of their delicious chips and snacks!

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Last week, we had the privilege of hosting several students from St. Vincent High School. Robinson employees presented the different disciplines within the organization in hopes of helping the students with their career choices. Thanks for the visit and we wish you the best of luck in your future! #rcco #constructioncareers #careerday #svtriber

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