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Robinson Chosen as CCC Citizen of the Year

Community Counseling Center has chosen Frank Robinson to receive Community Counseling Center Citizen of the Year 2020 Award.

Robinson is the CEO of Robinson Construction Company and has been with the company for 50 years and successfully led the company as president for more than 40 years. CCC director of Public relations and special projects Sharon Braun praised Robinson’s contributions to the community in earning this most recent recognition.

“Frank is a pillar in the community, utilizing his knowledge, resources, and leadership skills to help foster growth in the communities in which his team members live and work,” Braun said.

In addition to the many civic organizations Frank supports on a regular basis, he is a founding member of the Perry County Community Foundation and has been an active and continuous member of the Board since its inception in 2013. Frank was also instrumental in bringing the Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial project to life and currently serves as an advisory director on the Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial Board.

“For years and yet today, Frank continues his passion for helping others and making a difference for positive change in Perryville,” Braun said. “He does so not only through his words but through continual involvement, action and support for the community in which he resides and loves. Frank is very proud to be a part of Perryville’s growth and achievements. He knows that when a job needs to be done or there is a need to be filled, the community comes together and makes it happen. Oftentimes, Frank is right there with them.”

Community Counseling Center recognized Robinson as Citizen of the Year for all of his contributions throughout in helping others, and Perryville that he truly loves.

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