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Connie Mahathath, SPHR, was recently promoted to human resources manager. In this role, Connie is responsible for managing the human resource department’s functions and team. Connie joined Robinson in 2019 as a recruiter and workforce coordinator. The experience she gained in those positions, coupled with a decade of experience in the staffing industry and recently earning the Senior Professional in Human Resources credential, has prepared her well for her new role with Robinson. According to David Monier, vice president, “Connie excelled in her prior position. Workforce coordinator is a demanding and challenging position and she did a fantastic job. She established great relationships across the company and everyone enjoys working with her. She’ll do great in her new position as human resources manager.”

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It’s no secret that the construction industry is dealing with a skilled labor shortage as many skilled craftspeople have dropped out of the industry and don’t plan to return. Additionally, an entire generation of younger workers are no longer even considering construction as a viable career option as parents are increasingly steering graduates to four-year colleges and white-collar careers. Now, as older workers are retiring, there simply isn’t anyone ready to take their spots. On average, Robinson Construction employs more than 300 skilled craftspeople who complete projects all over the United States. In this article by Mike Holmes Jr., he discusses how “the trades are a great, stable career” and how without the skilled trades, we wouldn’t have the rest of the careers we value so highly. #rccoemployees #EndSkilledTradesStigma #skilledtrades #construction

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