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Robinson was recently awarded a design-build contract for renovations to the Physical Therapy Department at SoutheastHEALTH’s facility in Dexter, MO. We look forward to working with SoutheastHEALTH and design partner, Quadrant Design, Inc., to provide SoutheastHEALTH employees and patrons with an updated facility!

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We often discuss the role of technology in the construction industry and how we can integrate it into our own work program. Today the options are plentiful, as we have evolved from drafting tables and drawings produced from the hands of designers to laser scanning, 3D modeling, and BIM. We have advanced from estimating with paper copies of drawings and pads of paper to on-screen takeoff software that populates our estimating programs. We must also consider how technology can improve our productivity and efficiency while working to plan and execute our projects.

We recently entered our third year utilizing Procore Construction OS as the software platform to plan, manage, and execute our projects. Procore is a cloud-based solution that we utilize for financial controls, risk management, safety, and quality management across our entire project portfolio. Procore allows real time collaboration among the entire project team from contract execution until the project delivery to the customer.

As we continue to grow, Procore helps us communicate project related information more efficiently and effectively across the country. Interface with the software is web or app based meaning that you can access it from any workstation with an internet connection or via Procore’s mobile app. Today we are using leading indicators to actively report, monitor, and eliminate unsafe acts and behaviors using a hand held device. Our field users can identify an issue, document it so we can see trends across projects, and proactively influence the behaviors and outcomes on our project sites.

Our field leadership, subcontract partners, and clients have real time access to RFIs, submittals, specifications, and drawings the moment they are created and approved. As the status of these items changes, they can be updated instantly. Field leaders can document and communicate project information immediately via photographs, the daily log, inspections, observations, and punch list tools while identifying any event that may affect the schedule or financial position of the project.

Our customers have also seen many benefits from the switch to Procore as well. Access to project information provides increased transparency to our customers and improves the communication timeline and approval process. Customers have real time access to project drawings, documents, and photos created during the project lifecycle. This ensures alignment with the project objectives even from remote locations.

Change is a common topic of conversation within Robinson Construction. Many people balk at change, but when change improves your communication process, risk management practices, and efficiency, you are improving the daily experience of your entire project team, which in turn improves the sustainability of the company. Sustainability - our employees having jobs with Robinson long into the future - is our main goal. This shift in technology has had a positive direct impact on our business, allowing us to continue to deliver quality projects for our customers and retain our talented staff of project management professionals while also attracting new talent to Robinson Construction.

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