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Delivery Methods

Delivery Methods

Construction Management

Robinson Construction offers both CM-Agent services and CM-At Risk delivery for clients that desire a construction management solution for their projects. Some clients desire more intense involvement, open-book competitive pricing throughout, and professional project controls; but simply do not have the resources required to manage the project themselves. In these cases, CM Agent services offer the right balance between the owner managing the project in-house and selecting a general contractor for the project. Robinson offers CM-Agent services on a fixed fee or percentage basis, as preferred by the client.

CM-At Risk project delivery is essentially a cross between the CM-Agent services offered by Robinson and general contracting or the design-build delivery method. Robinson offers CM-At Risk services on projects that include preconstruction services, as well as those that do not. This delivery method offers the benefits of early contractor involvement, similar to the design-build delivery method when preconstruction services are included. CM-At Risk offers the client an open book approach to the selection of subcontractors and vendors, as well as increased influence in the selection. However, Robinson offers this same transparency under the design-build approach based on a Time and Materials Contract with a Guaranteed Maximum Price (T&M with GMP).

Engineering Procurement & Construction

The Engineering Procurement & Construction method of project delivery is just as it sounds; we provide the engineering, procure the materials and equipment, and construct your project. Our EPC services efficiently deliver process plants, water supply systems, manufacturing facilities, and other technically complex projects. Starting with only your process requirements, our engineers and managers provide the single-source comprehensive solution you need to satisfy all entities involved in your project.


Robinson Construction offers our clients complete responsibility for the entire building process, from site work to warranty compliance. Supplementing our in-house engineering capabilities, we have formed teaming agreements with some of the nation's largest engineering and architectural firms, enabling us to satisfy the most demanding size, scheduling, and specialty service requirements. We are confident that you will appreciate all of the benefits gained through use of the design-build method. As compared to other procurement methods, project cost and schedule are established earlier in the process, overall project cost is reduced, overall project completion time is reduced, chance of litigation is reduced, and construction knowledge is introduced into design early in the process.

We have been providing design-build services for our clients for more than 25 years. Our ability to provide fast-track, design-build projects at economical pricing is a primary reason our clients return to us time and again.

General Contracting

Whether it’s negotiated work or a competitive sealed bid, Robinson Construction works with clients during pre-construction and provides complete general contracting services, overseeing all subcontractors and suppliers to deliver cost-efficient, timely, and high-quality construction. Our highly experienced estimators review your project scope and requirements, per the design and specifications provided, and present you with the most economical pricing available for construction of your project. We have successfully performed as a general contractor on thousands of projects in numerous locations throughout the United States. This has allowed us to develop solid relationships with an endless number of subcontractors and suppliers, ensuring that we have the knowledge and means to provide only the subcontractors and suppliers that are best suited for your particular project.