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Pre-Construction Services

From concept development to design and final pricing, Robinson provides preconstruction services for a wide range of projects from commercial to process intensive industrial projects. With an in-house engineering staff and relationships with engineering firms, from small local companies to those at the top of ENR’s Top 500 Design Firms list, Robinson has the ability to provide full design services to assist clients with development of their projects beginning with just a basic concept. Robinson’s extensive staff of estimating professionals is also skilled at providing budgetary estimates without engineering support and throughout the design phase to provide an initial project budget and monitor the budget throughout the design phase. By relying on our seven decades of experience, this approach ensures that the design is completed within the budget constraints and provides accurate budget information for the client to evaluate potential changes. By providing preconstruction services, Robinson’s team is involved in the project at the earliest phase where we can have the most dramatic effect on the overall cost of the project.

In addition to design and budgeting support, Robinson also provides assistance with seeking out and applying for local, state, and federal grants where available. Robinson’s established relationships with economic development agencies at every level and knowledge of available packages are essential in this process.

CM Agent Services

For clients who desire Robinson’s expertise in project management, preconstruction services, quality, and/or safety oversight, but wish to maintain control over subcontractor and vendor selection, Robinson offers CM Agent Services. Based on a fixed fee or percentage contract, Robinson’s team will provide services from preconstruction to site controls and manage the administrative portion of the project for the client. Although this type of service is generally not preferred by Robinson; we understand that some clients desire more intense involvement, open-book competitive pricing throughout, and professional project controls, but simply do not have the resources required to manage the project themselves. In these cases, CM Agent services offer the right balance between the owner managing the project in-house and selecting a general contractor for the project.

Green Building

Robinson Construction Company is a member of the USGBC and maintains LEED Accredited Professionals on staff, along with additional employees who have received training on LEED Concepts and Sustainable design. Robinson Construction has the knowledge and innovative mindset to tackle any level of sustainable design certification. In order to ensure LEED certification, Robinson works closely with design firms that have extensive experience with LEED projects and a history of successfully completed LEED projects. Robinson’s team completes the necessary procurement and site practices to ensure sustainable construction practices, while the designers choose materials, equipment, and layouts that promote sustainability. Sustainable design accreditation does not happen by chance and requires the entire team to participate in the effort; for this reason, we select the most qualified team to ensure success.

In-House Design

Robinson’s in-house engineering department can complete your design for you. Our insightful engineers design facilities for maximum constructability and create thorough, precise documents and specifications. We currently employ multiple professional engineers in-house including civil, structural, and mechanical engineers. Our Engineering Department is led by a seasoned manager who has spent time as a construction project manager and a pure designer, which fosters a unique perspective within the design department. The majority of our projects are completed utilizing our in-house engineering department; however, we have formed teaming agreements with some of the nation’s largest design firms, enabling us to satisfy the most demanding size, scheduling, and specialty service requirements. We understand the need to work within our customer’s budget and schedule; in-house engineering services enable us to provide early guidance to construction scheduling for long-lead materials and equipment. Call us about your project today and, in most cases, we can be there tomorrow with engineering support.

Engineering Software 
The Robinson engineering department uses an extensive array of engineering and computer aided design (CAD) software to aid in analysis, modeling, coordination, presentation, and construction scheduling for projects. Both the Engineering and CAD software have been selected to work together interactively. One model is used to provide a complete project design and presentation for the customer, making the process more accurate and less time consuming.

High Definition Surveying
Robinson utilizes a High Definition Surveying (HDS) laser scanner and the associated software as a means of rapidly surveying sites, existing structures, piping, equipment, and site topography to capture their “as-is” or “as-built” condition with great detail. The captured information is then used by Robinson’s engineering department to provide accurate 3D models for use in design, analysis, and virtual modeling.

HDS technology not only provides benefits for Robinson, but also provides many benefits for our customers by lowering surveying costs; reducing time spent on return site visits; minimizing construction rework due to interferences; and minimizing facility downtime as a result of the fast, unobtrusive scene capture and/or minimal field fit-up and field rework due to the accuracy of the as-builts.

Emergency Response

Robinson Construction can assist you in the wake of an emergency. We have the capability and manpower to respond swiftly to emergency situations.

Ready When You Need Us
When an emergency strikes, response time is a crucial factor to lessen the impact to your business. Robinson Construction has the equipment and team of trained professionals necessary to respond quickly and get your facility back up and running efficiently in a minimal amount of time. We are prepared to provide damage assessment, structural analysis, and engineering, project management and construction services in a rapid and cost-effective manner. Based on our experience responding to emergency situations, we also have a great deal of knowledge and understanding when working with insurance companies.

Rapid Response
Robinson has assisted clients following various emergency type situations - from equipment failures to natural disasters - providing vital support when it was needed most. We have provided structural analysis, cleanup, demolition, and restoration services to clients following damage due to fire and natural disaster; unwatering of large areas due to flood waters; equipment removal and replacement due to damage or failure; and cleanup and replacement of underground piping due to collapse or failure.

We can respond to most any emergency, anywhere and at any time, with a dedicated team providing the necessary support and outstanding service that Robinson Construction is known for.